About Us

Mission Statement

At TreeTop Wealth Management LLC, (TreeTop) our goal is to build each professional relationship based solely upon the needs and investment goals of the client. TreeTop is a fiduciary in all aspects of the client relationship; asset management, financial planning, and customer service. There is no bias or favoritism in how we assist each client. By knowing and understanding our investors and their goals, we apply an analytically derived and personalized investment solutions.  TreeTop’s success is gauged by the overall satisfaction of our clients.


The TreeTop philosophy focuses on 3 main principles: risk management, comprehensive client understanding, and delivery of unrivaled customer service.  TreeTop focuses on portfolio management tailored to reduce risk in clients’ portfolio.   With no proprietary products on offer which might cloud the choice of investments, TreeTop takes an independent approach to tactical asset allocations.   Independence allows TreeTop to take advantage of a broader scope of investment vehicles.  We understand each client has a unique situation and requires a customized plan.  TreeTop strives to leave each client feeling like they are the most valued relationship.   In the Financial Services industry performance does not stand alone, at TreeTop our clients receive accurate, timely, and personalized customer service.

Client relationship

TreeTop’s responsibility is to understand each client’s needs and to design and communicate the most appropriate solution.  TreeTop clients are as engaged as they wish to be.  We work in a collaborative relationship or a fully discretionary role as elected by each client from time to time. Solutions we present are customized to each individuals short and long term goals.  TreeTop’s goal is be the chosen provider of a comprehensive financial plan and wealth management services.  We commit to communicate with our client’s regarding events in the marketplace and events in their lives.