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Manage your financial portfolio wisely with sound advice from TreeTop Wealth Management of Northfield, IL. We specialize in customized investment solutions and financial planning for individuals and institutions. We're a registered investment advisory firm, managing client accounts, and offering financial advice for a variety of different situations and build each professional relationship based solely upon your needs and investment goals.

TreeTop is a fiduciary in all aspects of the client relationship, including asset management, financial planning, and customer service, and never displays bias or favoritism in how we assist each client. At TreeTop, we have 20+  years of industry experience in taking the complexities of the market and integrating solutions to the circumstances of our clients. There is no, one-size-fits-all in advocating for our clients, and their goals come first. By knowing and understanding our investors and their goals, we apply analytically derived, and personalized investment solutions, so that the overall satisfaction of our clients gauges our success.

What is a Registered Investment Advisor?

A Registered Investment Advisor ("RIA") subject to the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 is a Fiduciary. (1) A Fiduciary is bound by law to place the interests of its beneficiary FIRST - before the fiduciary's own interests. A Non-Fiduciary stockbroker (also called a Registered Representative, Account Executive, or Financial Advisor) follows only the "suitability" standard, which does not require a stockbroker to place the interest of its clients ahead of its own. A Fiduciary RIA must follow the "trust" standard - the highest known in law - which requires it to place the interests of its clients ahead of its own and fulfill critical fiduciary duties of trust and confidence. Under the fiduciary trust standard, a Registered Investment Advisor must provide its "best advice" to a client.

Note: (1) In Supreme Case "SEC v. Capital Gains Research Bureau, Inc. - 375 US 180 (1963), the court justice rules that RIA is recognized as a fiduciary.

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